J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

Ok warriors its a new week and we are moving right along. I see strength gainzzzzz all over the place. This is our last heavy week of only lifting. Lets stay positive and concentrate on form form form.


3 rounds

Row 150 meters

10 toe touch

20 mtn climbers


Hips hips hips

Clean and Jerk

5 min to warm up


5 sets of 1 rep @70-80%

Work on foot speed and perfect positions.

Take 1-2 min rest in between

Clean Pull

3 sets of 2 reps @ 110%

Use wraps if you can

Metcon (Time)

“Zack Morris”

For time


Row 500 m

30 dead lift 135/95

30 power clean 115/75

30 push press 95/55

50 double under


400m row

30 dead lift

30 pwr cleans

30 push press

100 singles

15 min time cap
Before you get your panties in a bunch , yes I know the weights are different, so you must account for weight change. We will be using a lot of tens on the bars tmrw so heats might be necessary.

Extra Credit

3 rounds not timed

2 rope climb

10 dumbbell snatch

2 rounds

10 dumbbell incline bench press

10 dumbbell incline fly