week 5 (of 8) day 2

J5 CrossFit – CrossFit


3 rounds

10 pVC shoulder pass through

30 sec plank

10 band pull aparts


reverse bar shoulder stretch

trap smash with bar

I: Shoulder Press

strict press complete 5 sets of 3 reps at 65-70% of 1 rm

II : Metcon (Time)

for time


60 hand stand push ups for time

*every time you break you must run 100 m

men flat mat

women 1 ab mat


80 push ups for

*everytime you break run 100 m

* must not rest at the bottom or you run

RX +

50 strict hspu for time

flat mat

*every time you break you must run 100m

12 min time cap


see white board

Extra Credit

run 10 min

weight loss athletes