J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

OK JFIVE its time for a new week of amazing workouts. its a new month and time for some new goals. I want every one to be pre pared to tell me what goals they plan on achieving in aug.also im excited we are bringing back / elite training and bench mark testing


coaches choice


back squatting today so lets warm up those hips an ankles.

hip mob- banded hip stretch with pad under the knee. 2 min ea

ankle mob- ankle banded distraction facing away from rig with band on ankle.

1 min ea side

Back Squat

5 min to warm up to your weight

8 min every min on the min (emom)

3 reps of back squat

take reps at 50-55% of 1 rep max

Metcon (Time)

for time


150 wall balls – 20/14


100 wall balls

choose light wall ball

ELITE (rx plus)

30/20# wall ball :@

every time you break you must complete 5 burpess .

(now I want you to be honest here people , you know when your breaking don’t try and pull the 5 sec to hold on to the ball and say its not a break.)

Extra Credit

remember athletes you can always do the extra credit before a wod. pending on what you need more work on.


run .800

2 min rest in between

3 sets 10 reps

penlay rows

single arm dumbbell row