Jordan Unfried

Owner, Operator, Head Coach

Jordan Unfried

Owner, Operator, Head Coach


I joined the Fitness Industry as a personal trainer in 2005. I quickly realized my passion for helping people and saw the opportunity to change lives, so I decided to take it to the next level and became the Director of Personal Training. I felt I would be able to touch even more lives by teaching trainers how to better serve their clients. It’s through this experience that I have learned how important each athlete’s individual needs are and how to teach them to become the absolute best version of themselves; whether it be getting in shape, losing weight or becoming stronger.

CrossFit has forever changed my life.

I began CrossFit in 2007, my very first workout was 21-15-9 of 95# thrusters with a ¼ mile run in between. Needless to say, my ego was given a quick smack down! The realization that I could feel this way by using functional movements completely floored me.

It was after that workout that everything changed for me…

I cleaned up my diet, I changed my training techniques for teaching, as well as, my own training regime. Mainly – I changed the way I looked at things.

I had numerous injuries from previous adventure filled, fitness endeavors that left me making excuses for a few years. It wasn’t until January 2012 that I turned CrossFit into my life’s passion. Everything I did revolved around finding ways I could improve my CrossFit skills, knowledge, training techniques and how I could use that to help those around me.

After competing in various CrossFit competitions and completing numerous CrossFit Certifications, I decided to open J5 CrossFit. So with the help of my amazing friends and family, we built a facility that allows me to bring my version of CrossFit to fruition. My version is to appeal to everyone. To show anyone willing to try, that this sport can and will better your life. From everyday activities, such as picking things up and putting them down or running up a hill to complete zombie apocalypse training – we would be prepared for it all.

We get one chance at this life and we all know it comes at us fast and furious. I feel we should live every day to its fullest. My father and mentor, Michael Unfried always tells me “Talk is nothing, Action is everything” and I truly live life by this code.

Thank you,
Jordan Michael Unfried

(Esse Quam Videri) = To Be, Rather Than To Seem
Favorite thing about coaching?
Watching an athlete find the confidence in doing something they have never done. Watching for the first time someone realizing that with practice and hard work they can accomplish anything.
First CrossFit WOD & when?
My first CrossFit WOD was in 2007. It was four rounds of running a 1/4 mile and 21 thrusters and I couldn’t walk for 3 days. I was hooked.
Least Favorite Benchmark?
My least favorite bench mark is a tie between Nancy and Fran. I hate both of them equally.
Favorite Benchmark?
Which CrossFit Movement is totally in your wheelhouse?
My wheelhouse would involve double unders, I guess.
Favorite Cheat Meal?
My favorite cheat meal would be Pizza Hut mixed with Taco Bell and washed down with diet soda and Coldstone. Don’t judge me.
Favorite Supplement?
Progenex More Muscle
Favorite CrossFit Athlete?
Chris Spealler would probably be my favorite CrossFit athlete because he has always been counted out and has always produced against all odds, a true underdog.
Advice to new CrossFit Athletes?
My advice to a new CrossFit athlete would be to focus on form right from the get go. Learn to love mobility. Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Learn to create goals and document your progress. Eat well and treat your body like a temple. Hydrate, hydrate. And check your ego at the door.
If you could have one super power what would it be?
Wolverine \\..// Duh!
Tell us one thing about yourself not related to CrossFit?
I have a ridiculous issue with buying shoes and at one point owned over 100 pairs. I am also a huge super hero and star wars fan and I actually own a light saber.
Jordan’s Qualifications:
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting
  • N.E.S.T.A Certified
  • B.F.S. Certified
  • Cloud 9 Nutrition Certified
  • I.S.S.A Certified
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility Coach
Jordan’s Competitions:
  • 2012 Team Country Thowdown (Crossfit O’Fallon)
  • 2012 Battle Frt The Cup (Crossfit TNT)
  • 2013 Barbells For Boobs (Crossfit Collinsville)
  • 2014 Battle For Courage – Ogar Team (Crossfit TNT)
  • 2014 Bradley Team Wod (Crossfit 557)