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J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

9 days are you joking ?


wrist and adductor stretch

Power Clean

today we are going to work on the touch and go power clean. TNG must be quick no reseting at the bottom.

spend 15 min building up 5 sets of 3 reps. stay smooth. stay in power position.

Metcon (Time)

for time

RX \\\..///


clusters 135/95

american kettle swings 53/35



thrusters 75/55

russian swings

RX plus


clusters 155/105

american swings 70/53

Extra Credit

dead lift

7 sets 5 reps do not go over 80%

row 4 k at slow pace

mobilty – lacross ball foot roll

muscle up progression

emom 14

4 kipping pull ups

4 kipping dips

if you can do muscle up – 5 sets 3 unbroken mu