Rumble in the Jungle

J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

if you believe you can chances are you might just do it


coaches choice ( pressing priority)

Bench Press

take 15 min to est today heavy bench press

using such sets as

5, 3, 2 ,1 ,1, 1,1,1

always have a spotter

must touch chest

1 min rest in between sets


12 min every min on the min

min 1 – 8-10 pull ups

min 2- 8-10 dips

today’s focus is on gymnastic movement and quality. make sure every rep is done as if it is text book.

for RX – choose your pull up that will best benefit you as an athlete. strict, kip,ctb , weighted, or even banded. your goal is to be able to perform them unbroken and perfect.

dips , this is a movement that will build strength and stability. choose the best way to help your individual needs. such as ring, weighted, stationary bar. use a lock out at the top and don’t be afraid to lower your slowly.

Weght Loss Warriors

row 800 m and perform 30 strict ( no throwing arms) sit ups


row 400 and 15 strict situps

not for time

Extra Credit

clean work

1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 push jerk

cant let go of the bar

build heavy lift in 15 min