J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

Ok team as the crossfit games come to a close its time to refocus our goals. This week you will see me talk a lot about goals and future, so start thinking about what your goals are. Today’s WOD is a complex so lets be a great community and share our results. ¬†Film each other’s lifts today and let’s praise each other’s accomplishments.


barbell warm up


front rack and squat mobility.

mr smith complex

1- dead lift

1- hang clean

1- front squat

1- jerk
take 30 min to est todays heavy complex. build up slow and make sure your form is on key before going to the limit.

be a great community and share your progress- film ea other today and post post post i love seeing the action.


NO SQUAT CLEANS / you may do a squat clean (hang) but still must do a front squat

Extra Credit

strict weighted pull up 3x 5

strict weighted dip 3 x 5

weighted ghd sit up 3x 8

work on strict muscle ups