J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

ok day 2 of the week. today we get to play with some old favs (said no one ever). lets keep the momentum going.


rowing warm up


banded shoulder and ankle

Skill Practice

15 min skill practice.

take time with each

hand stand progression = work on the ability to be comfy up side

handstand push up = work on sets of kippin or strict hs push ups ( take away a mat if your norm stack em )

hand stand hold = try this free standing or on a wall , maybe nose to wall

hand stand walk = 1 mat 2 mat 3 mat go as far as you can and rem be safe.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8 min as many rounds and reps as possible



5 thrusters 95/65

10 bar facing burpees


5 thruster – choose load

10 regular burpees

Extra Credit

clean and jerk

65%x 1

70%x 1

75%x 1

80%x 1

85%x 1

back squat 3x 20

light load

bench 3 x 20