Is it thur already

J5 CrossFit – CrossFit

The dark place = that place you go during a wod , where you can’t see the light of day , you question what’s right and wrong! You only think primal , you act in an animalistic manner to kill or be killed. You have one goal and that is to survive! Not all athletes can get there, but when you do own it and open those eyes and walk the path.
Stay humble stay hungry


5 min


2×400 m run

3×200 m run

Rest 1 min


5 min emom

Min1- max sit ups

Min2- max hollow rocks

Min3- max v ups

Min4- max crunch

Min5- 1 min plank

Rest 1 min


10 min emom

Min 1- 6 burpee over box 24/20

Min 2- 12 strict ring rows

Rest 1 min


5 min emom

10 strict push ups + 15 air squats