J5 CrossFit encourages and welcomes members 18+ of all skill levels willing to work hard, listen closely and strive for their best! We will teach you core fundamentals and general physical preparedness. Things like proper form, metabolic conditioning, Olympic weightlifting and proper nutrition will set you up for success. A coach evaluation is a requirement for all athletes that are new to Crossfit. It is how we show athletes proper form of the basic Crossfit movements, teach them about class format, assess their skill level and explain proper nutrition. This meeting helps to ensure that new athletes get their Crossfit career started out on the right track and help them be successful at reaching their goals by easing them into the intensity level of regular Crossfit classes.

First visits are by appointment only. Please email us [email protected] to schedule your first visit.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

Daily CrossFit classes are designed and programmed by our owner and head coach Jordan Unfried. Movements are chosen specifically for balance between constant variation and intentional planning of training exercises. Once you have been through our Coach Evaluation you are welcome to join any of our regular classes that fit your schedule – with a wide range of classes to choose from you won’t have to miss a day!

Daily classes typically consist of:
  • Skill driven warm up exercises
  • Mobility drills to loosen up your muscles to help optimize performance in the WOD
  • Strength or Skill work set
  • Workout of the Day (WOD)
  • Stretching movements, recovery and cool down

Each class can accommodate up to 20 members and using our online system for class registration is required.


Every Saturday we go all out with a longer, stronger, burner of a Metabolic Conditioning WOD. Yes, flipping tires, rope climbs, prowler pushes, and so much more. If done consistently, attending the conditioning class should result in better WODs (faster times, increased strength, more reps, etc.) as well as better physical results for you (fat loss, increased endurance levels, etc.) You can think of conditioning class as several mini-WODs. It is typically done with lighter weight but for a longer length of time and at a high intensity level. The goal of conditioning is to keep you moving for the entire hour. These classes are often completed as teams or with a partner. Combined with mobility before conditioning and you will start your Saturday off right! Each class can accommodate up to 25 members and using our online system for class registration is required.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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