91517 cycle 3 test weeK


91517 cycle 3 test weeK

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“Remember the hours after September 11th when we came together as one to answer the attack against our homeland. We drew strength when our firefighters ran upstairs and risked their lives so that others might live; when rescuers rushed into smoke and fire at the Pentagon; when the men and women of Flight 93 sacrificed themselves to save our nation’s Capitol; when flags were hanging from front porches all across America, and strangers became friends. It was the worst day we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us.” –Sen. John Kerry


3 rounds

200 m row

10 front squats


ankle / wrist

STR: Front Squat (est 2 rep max frosnt squat )

20 min

Grace (Time)

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#